WADJET can Visualize Cyber-Attacks in REAL TIME.

WADJET provide the platform to visualize Cyber-Attack, by integrating with other security appliances, such as Firewall, IDS/IPS, SANDBOX...

Visualize Cyber-Attacks in Real Time for Speedy Detection & Damage Prevention.


Instinctive grasp of real-time network status and atackes/incident

--> No need to go through large number of logs to understand

Seamless enforcement of security controls

--> Easy operation from log collection, analysis, to automatic enforcement

Backed by original technology development by highly recognized org.

--> No concern for poor quality software and confidence in continuous development/support

What WADJET does:

1.  Visualize live-network for network monitoring.

2.  Visualize alerts collected from existing security appliances.

3.  Analyze various alerts correlatively for the detailed investigation of the cause.

4.  Conduct necessary security measures to security appliances, once the alerts recognized as incident.

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Visualization of Alerts

Display Alerts collected from security appliance and Alert List to identify originating Security Appliances.(Alert List Window)

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Automatic Execution of Security Measures

Once incident occurs, apply security measures to related Security Appliances.

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Visualization of Traffic: Packet

Visualize Packet in Traffic with 3D Real Time Animation.

"Visualization of Alerts" means it is alert.  "Automatic Execution of Security Measures" means it is isolate.


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